Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Walking Dead No Man's Land v1. Mod


“The Walking Dead meets XCOM in fantastic new game tied to AMC show.” - Polygon

Stay human and survive in the official mobile game of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Join Daryl Dixon in the fight against the flesh-hungry walkers. Do you have what it takes to stay alive?

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is a thrilling, action-packed RPG game where tactical choices make a difference between life and death. The one and only, Daryl Dixon, will teach you how to kill and survive - but remember, in the end you are on your own.

FIGHT through hordes of walkers in tactical turn-based combat
TRAIN your survivor group and upgrade their weapons
CHOOSE who lives or dies and keep your people safe
HUNT walkers in Terminus, Prison and other familiar locations from AMC’s The Walking Dead
JOIN other players in deadly weekly challenges for exclusive rewards


PVP! - attack other players’ Outposts and defend your own. Send your elite survivors to raid resources from others; bolster your own defense with captured walkers.
The stakes are higher than ever, will your group emerge as the strongest?
• New PVP feature: Outposts.
• Raid other players’ Outposts for valuable resources
• Walker Pit - unleash bloodthirsty walkers upon your enemies
• New resource: Trade Goods
• Collect Trade Goods from Challenges and Outposts

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