Thursday, July 28, 2016

Last Ride v1.0.7


The Sleeping Ray Finds Him Self in a Cave in His Dream.
He Has To Find His Way Out of The Cave.

He Finds a Damaged Rocket Which Has its Control Gears Gone Mixed in a Wrong Pattern

The Ray Takes The Rocket & Flies To Escape The Cave.

He Has To Save The Rocket From UPPER and LOWER Rocks,

Also He Has To Avoid Collision With Flying Stones,

if He COLLIDES 5 TIMES With Stones He Gets Destroyed,

And His Dream Comes To END & WAKES UP.

Longer He Sleeps The Sleep Time (SCORE) is MORE.


- 1st Time Ever a Game Designed Around a Dream.

- Mysterious Music Track To Match The Story Line.

- Attractive Graphics & Colors To Suit The Story Mood.

- Time-warp Button To Slow Down The Speed Active For 10 Seconds.

- No in-app Purchase.

- Coming Soon More Story Lines About New Dreams.

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Publishing Partner :-
Jatin Baranwal.


Version 1.0.7
- Bug Fixed

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