Friday, July 22, 2016

OriLand 2 Adventure v1.29


Free Style Adventure Game 2 Welcome Oriland you.
Many Adventure 2 full Oriland you to Take World, Your goal is to reach the last chapter end passing through the monsters in the world each section will be opened to a New Level Fill Your Next Adventure will allow you entry into the world.

New Multiplayer Update with new friends live in this experience! With new update has arrived with Multi-Player Support (online) with your friends armed, Rank & Win, and Dominate of the lower rank .. or the war against the monster together.

Do not be afraid to get ready? Prepared with Voices for yourself you will feel almost Oriland In Game 2, the mysterious ambiance is waiting for you with Oriland 2.

You are completely free in your hands Management in the game, you're a ninja, you must use a good jumping Properties.

Remember, monsters can kill just by bouncing on them!

Collect the gold with you Improve and Speed ​​Features Jumper, the more so that the enemy is in front!

This adventure game with dozens of different creatures you and Will Again dozens of different traps waiting.

In the Adventure Game Categories Single Player Free Style Property with 2 Oriland a first!

We wish you success with this Adventure Game. Every time you can make us back! Note that the game will develop with your criticisms. Please feel free to offer us your being is recommended.

Follow us on the paper and your report:


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Free Style Adventure Game Oriland also different from each other with each other from the New World, you ready to Match 24 different Hundreds Beast? Each with different 3D Equipped with Natural Sound and Effect Level Games Inside Self Thanks to the self-Speed ​​hissedeceksin.toplayacag the Ýtemler the Next Dünaya to hazırlamalısın..b Adventure Jump And Improve Time To Be One Step Ahead of each of the enemy remember!
Continue the adventure or New Level la.

Jump on the monsters to kill!


New Levels
Runner Edition
New Game System
New Enemys
Score System
Fixed All Problem.

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