Friday, July 29, 2016

Skin Creator for Minecraft v2.0.5

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Use this app as your central hub for editing and creating Minecraft Skins! Featuring a fully-featured custom-designed skin editor, this app will help you to create top-notch skins on the go! Now with full Pocket Edition support!

Your Minecraft skin is basically your identity! Make it great! Skin Creator for Minecraft was made by Minecraft players for Minecraft players! And with support for the new Minecraft 1.8 skin layers and direct upload to, you can edit and change your skins in a snap!

If you find any problems or think of any things that could be improved, please tell me. Contact me at or go to my website at!

**This app is not created by Mojang, nor is it affiliated, or supported by them at all.**


- Full Pocket Edition support!!! Either choose a skin within Pocket Edition, or press "Export to..." while in the skin previewer. Make sure you have at least 0.11.0 or above!
- Support for new upload procedure.
- Made the "Random Skin" button way less annoying in the Download Skins area.
- Tons of small bug fixes and performance improvements.

   Skin Creator for Minecraft- screenshot         Skin Creator for Minecraft- screenshot

   Skin Creator for Minecraft- screenshot

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