Tuesday, July 19, 2016

ZPlayer v6.9


A Skinned media player made with custom UI.
Plays audio and video files, podcast, streaming radio.

• Major UI changes with better memory management.
• Add option to change podcast update interval
• Added option to sort podcasts by date or title

• Added 5 Star Ratings for Likes tracks. (Long press the star to change ratings).
• The "Favorite Songs" playlist will now sort tracks based on the star ratings.
• Updated sort order for artist tracks and genre tracks.
• Fixes bug where lockscreen controls did not show up for some devices.
• Bug fixes for Radio
• Bug fixes for Bluetooth devices
• Layout optimizations
• Changed Podcast sorting order to push podcasts with newer episodes to the top
• Other fancy stuff

Cast Audio support (beta)

Now supports Chromecast!


• backend server updates.
• Podcasts can now be added in the now playing queue
• Podcast episodes can now be played sequentially and skipped
• Improved podcast syncing

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