Thursday, August 4, 2016

Game of Swords v1.0.2

Cover art


Legendary Times jousting back! An exciting and dynamic game online Game of Swords gives everyone a chance to experience the noble spirit of the Middle Ages!
Deserved victory in a straight fight with an equal opponent will be the first step to fame! Arena loves strong men!

Family coat of arms on flags, Cold Steel Plate Gauntlets, sturdy and reliable shield sword hilt faithful ...
Romance and nobility, honor and courage, victory and glory - the splendor of the era of chivalry is now available to you! Download the game Game of Swords, choose armor and weapons to their liking.
To win Pick the strongest armor and most powerful sword. But the most important thing is your intuition, the ability to guess the behavior of the opponent and strike agility. Luck helps the strongest! Win the most daring and trained opponents can only a great warrior whose hand reeks without a miss, and the mind as sharp and molnienosen as steel of his sword.
Very soon converge on the scene mighty fighters shine in the sun naked swords, the earth tremble under their heavy tread. Heralds announce the names of candidates, and hundreds of knights come into the tournament for the title of the best!
It's time to fight. Come on, soldier!
GAME SWORDS open for you!

Key features of the game:
- Fights in real time
- Simple and addictive gameplay
- Mode campaign with exciting missions of different difficulty levels in more than 10 locations
- Battle with monsters and bosses - lords locations
- Participation in competitions
- Daily quests
- A large selection of weapons, armor and abilities
- Collect resources and treasures on the map
- Chat with other players
- Play online with your friends via Facebook, or random players from chat buddies
- Create a unique image of your character
- Develop your character, earn titles and new treasures
- Earn Achievement and see your progress in the leaderboard
- Enjoy 3D graphics in the spirit of medieval chivalry duels

   Game of Swords- screenshot

   Game of Swords- screenshot

   Game of Swords- screenshot

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