Friday, August 5, 2016

GeoPets v6.0

Cover art


Creature designs by smiley-fakemon
Please stop accusing this game of being a copy. It came out last year and I have worked on it for quite a while before that. This game has different gameplay than GO.


This is not a game made by a studio, I am a sole developer so please do understand that I do not have the resources as other studios have, but I am trying to create a fun game that fans like myself will like. This game is updated frequently and based on player feedback.

Please take a moment to read the help and instructions in the game. The game really is not hard once you understand the basics.

GeoPets - the first geolocation based augmented reality adventure.
Find Pets all around you. Capture them and battle other players.
Switch between the virtual world and the real world.
This game was released in 2015 and please understand that this game has completely different gameplay than GO.

You get Crystals to catch Pets in the game for FREE. There is a button in the shop to get free crystals. If you have questions about anything please let me know on

IF YOU HAVE ANDROID 4.4 AND YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLES WITH THE GAME, PLEASE SEE IF YOU CAN UPDATE YOUR ANDROID VERSION. (if you have a zenfone you can contact asus to help you update to 5.0)


a lot more free crystals (button on the map)
added friends
easier direct trade, messaging, and battling
animated avatar
bug fixes

  GeoPets- screenshot

  GeoPets- screenshot

  GeoPets- screenshot

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