Thursday, August 4, 2016

Gripen Fighter Challenge v1.0 Mod

Cover art


Assume the role of a pilot flying Gripen, the swing-role fighter from Saab in a number of finely tuned fast-paced real world fighter missions, spread over various levels. Each mission, taking place over either arctic frosty tundra or humid tropics, will test your aero savviness, in terms of reflexes, concentration, and execution of flight patterns. With a variety of unique mission types such as waypoint, formation, racing, and recon we guarantee hours of fun. Now, challenge your friends and see who can earn the most points and rule the skies.

• Emulates jet flight on a mobile platform
• Realistic Air Space 3D Graphics
• Stunning 3D environments
• Customizable Gripen Fighter jet
• Amazing sound design
• Tight controls
• 10+ different missions

   Gripen Fighter Challenge- screenshot

   Gripen Fighter Challenge- screenshot

   Gripen Fighter Challenge- screenshot

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