Thursday, August 4, 2016

MOBA Legends v1.0.97

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Experience the next generation of mobile MOBA’s!

Crystals, a legendary source of power, has been discovered by a ruthless madman who now holds dominion over all dimensions. Legends have been summoned to battle in the Arena in hopes of securing victory and security for their people. Fight for your team’s survival as you strategize, band together, and execute attacks to infiltrate the enemy’s stronghold. Destroy minions and defense towers as you clear the lane on your way to victory. Explore the jungle and gain unique advantages over your opponents. Leave nothing in your path!

16+ legendary characters
4 unique skills to master per character
Customize your Legend with the unique Rune system
Variable skills add new levels of depth & strategy
Accessorize your characters with unique skins

Dynamic and intuitive game controls
Fierce and fast-paced combat lasting 10 minute or less
Variable victory paths including kill count and stronghold clear
Various PVP maps to explore including 1v1, 3v3, 5v5, and ranked match
Captivating single player campaign for training and testing your skills
Immersive Jungle full of unique advantages to gain over your opponents
Defeat rouge bosses and utilize their abilities to defeat your enemies
Play for free and participate in weekly tournaments


1. Google Play Games achievements
2. Bug Fixes

   MOBA Legends- screenshot

   MOBA Legends- screenshot

   MOBA Legends- screenshot

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