Wednesday, August 3, 2016

VR Horror House v2.02

Cover art


VR Horror House is a VR game with both frightening atmosphere and astonishing graphics.
-Experience the real frightening press by the chasing of the terrifying cannibals
-Searching for the only survival exit and run away from the cannibals simultaneously.

★ To fully enjoy this app you'll need a Cardboard viewer (VR glasses or VR headset).
★ Gyroscope is required.
★ No controller is required.
★ Just swing you head to control the direction you go ahead.

-There is a weapon inside somewhere if you could fine it out and kill the cannibals, you could also survive.

-Very alive-looking and vivid views from the excellent graphics

-There are more spaceships and planets coming soon, please stay tuned.

-Support us by telling your friends about VR Horror House.

-If you have any recommendation or you found any bugs, please let us know.

Now let's start to run !!!

   VR Horror House- screenshot

   VR Horror House- screenshot

   VR Horror House- screenshot

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