Monday, September 26, 2016

Coalition - Multiplayer FPS v3.323

Coalition - Multiplayer FPS v3.323
Coalition - Multiplayer FPS v3.323
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Coalition - Multiplayer FPS v3.323

Coalition - Multiplayer FPS is an Action Games for android
download latest version of Coalition - Multiplayer FPS v3.323 Apk + Mod full for android from with direct link

Requires Internet Connection
Dive into realistic and fun free for all first person shooter action, with large maps, and many, many weapons to chose from! Choose between four classes, and play in real-time against opponents across the globe. Play against your friends and enemies in 3 game modes, with three large realistic maps.

Features of Coalition - Multiplayer FPS v3.323
• Four classes to choose from before deploying to battle: Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon
• Three cycling game modes: Capture the Flag, Free-For-All, and Team-Deathmatch
• Twenty eight total weapons!
• Realistic weapon movements and firing
• Realistic settings for intense battles

As of now, there are 28 total weapons distributed between four classes according to the weapon type:

• 93R
• ACR 6.8
• AKS74u
• AUG A3
• CZ805
• Famas
• G36C
• Glock 18
• Grenade
• MP5k
• Knife
• KRISS Vector
• L85
• M4A1
• M40a3
• M1911
• M416
• RPK74M
• Scar-L
• DAO-12
• M98B
• AN94
• AEK-971
• M79
• G3A3

WHAT'S NEW in Coalition - Multiplayer FPS v3.323

Nothing new, but performance optimization, and bug fixes.

  Coalition - Multiplayer FPS- screenshot

  Coalition - Multiplayer FPS- screenshot

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