Monday, September 26, 2016

Hardcore: Akan Parkour v1.1

Hardcore: Akan Parkour v1.1
Hardcore: Akan Parkour v1.1
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Hardcore: Akan Parkour v1.1

Hardcore: Akan Parkour is an Simulation Games for android
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Hardcore: Akan Parkour — is a parkour dedicated simulator game, where you enter the exciting world of hardcore parkour.

Akan, skilled parkour master, broke free from the shackles of the system — and now he runs from the evil "Catalyst Mirrors" organisation, whose people try to capture Akan and imprison him.

Akan runs, jumps, climbs walls, slides and performs incredible stunts in the style of urban slums, devoting his life to parkour.
Game Hardcore: Akan Parkour has simple controls and it's suitable for any player. With each attempt you'll gain experience to do more difficult stunts.
But only most skilled players will be able to get three stars on all routes!
Do you dare to become the best one in the world of parkour?
The game has a multiplayer mode in which players can compete in the skills to climb walls and run along the rooftops.
And there is the world rankings system to figure out who is the greatest parkour fan!

Features of Hardcore: Akan Parkour v1.1
• The game was created with the support of “Hardcore: Akan Parkour” movie.
• Multiplayer mode with ranking system
• Numerous players online
• A lot of characters to play
• Best Simulator of 2016
The best parkour inspired game! Taste the freedom and run! Don't get caught!

WHATS NEW in Hardcore: Akan Parkour v1.1

  Hardcore: Akan Parkour- screenshot

  Hardcore: Akan Parkour- screenshot

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