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Strike Combat 2 v1.2.6

Strike Combat 2 v1.2.6
Strike Combat 2 v1.2.6
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Strike Combat 2 v1.2.6

Strike Combat 2 is an Action Games for android
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This is a first person shooter (fps) offline action game for mobile using 3d technology. You are a contract killer who has been gone through a lot of battles with swat force where you were trained to destroy enemy commando in legions of cf. This is your chance to use real weapons in the cs modern combat and participate in the legendary counter terrorist campaigns.
You have chance to equip a lot of weapons from handgun to rifle, sniper rifle with capable of high-ranged damage. Please be control your fury and convert it into power to attack, kill shot them all like an american bravo hit man. The health kit help you a ambulance relay when needed. Other utilities like grenade damage, tear gas, fire blind help you more flexible and power in the battle. The sniper skill is also very important. In order to become a elite sniper, you should not in fury mood, stare the target carefully and do the head shot as much as possible.

You need to complete the assigned task in each mission, especially you can get rewards called crisis action if you complete the mission and retains 80% health. The game was designed with a lot of missions over different combat location ranging from warehouse, camp in the mountains to the forest.

Even you can not play shooting online 5vs5 in this rpg game, but some special missions will make you feel the severity of the battlefield when you are in frontier between life and death and there is no room for mistakes. Let's win the duties in this sniper 3d game to become a golden gun sniper assassin.

Game features of Strike Combat 2 v1.2.6
- 4 combat locations
- A lot of missions
- Massive arsenal with plenty type of guns
- Weapon utilities: heath kit, grenades, armor

Weapon System of Strike Combat 2 v1.2.6
- Pistol: Shoot infinite ammo, free equipment, use this gun when the other guns are out of ammo.
- Sniper gun: many types of sniper rifles with different power, including sniper guns just shot one bullet to kill the enemy which experience you the best action.
- Semi-automatic guns: guns like AK47, sniper AUG X gun allows you to shoot multiple bullets in one shot.

The hero and boss are designed with optimization from the image to the effect. With its compact size, you can download the game to your mobile easily. Even it's an action shooting game but the boys and girls can play for free to becom an elite sniper. You can play any time, even in offline status.

We always try best to provide the best game for you. We will update the game frequently to satisfy your request. Please contact us to make suggestions and request a game upgrade:

WHAT'S NEW in Strike Combat 2 v1.2.6

- Update the new icon
- Improve the game performance
- Fixed some issues

  Strike Combat 2- screenshot

  Strike Combat 2- screenshot

  Strike Combat 2- screenshot

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