Monday, October 10, 2016

UFO: Race in Space v1.1

UFO: Race in Space v1.1
UFO: Race in Space v1.1


UFO: Race in Space v1.1

UFO: Race in Space is an Racing Games for android
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UFO: Race in Space is a fast and hectic burst racing game where you compete against other wacky UFOs on futuristic race tracks in space! Set up multiplayer tournaments, win space scrap and enhance your game with loads of unlockable content!

FEATURES of UFO: Race in Space v1.1
Fast paced UFO racing – one swipe controls
For up to 8 players against bots and friends – it's never lonely in space!
Local multiplayer – over WLAN or Bluetooth
Customize your UFO – OVER 9000 different combinations
Easy to use In Game Level Editor – over 200 different track pieces, boosts and obstacles

Tune your UFO, build your race tracks, launch your UFO into space and get ready to win multiplayer tournaments in style!


Q: I can’t find the host on WIFI!
A: Make sure you all are on the same WLAN or try another (Some WLAN might block ports necessary for the game)
Q: Multiplayer seems sluggish with many players.
A: Try using WLAN when hosting a multiplayer game (preferably not a tethered one).
Q: My friends can’t connect to my Bluetooth game!
A: Try joining one at a time. Some phones might have problems with pairing if WIFI is turned on. If the problem still exists, try pairing the devices outside of the game.
Q: I can’t find my level in lobby!
A: Make sure that you’ve
a) unlocked all the pieces
b) upgraded the level slot to make it big enough
c) the level is complete
Q: I can’t connect to the Host!
A: You can try one of the following:
a) try a different host
b) try joining the game one at a time
c) make sure you are all on either WLAN –or– Bluetooth

WHAT'S NEW in UFO: Race in Space v1.1

Optimization and minor graphical fixes.

  UFO: Race in Space- screenshot

  UFO: Race in Space- screenshot       UFO: Race in Space- screenshot

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