Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sky Keepers - Weather is Magic (Unreleased) v0.0.12

Sky Keepers - Weather is Magic (Unreleased) v0.0.12
Sky Keepers - Weather is Magic (Unreleased) v0.0.12
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Sky Keepers - Weather is Magic (Unreleased) v0.0.12

Sky Keepers - Weather is Magic (Unreleased) is an Simulation Games for Android. Download latest version of Sky Keepers - Weather is Magic (Unreleased) v0.0.12 Apk + Mod Full for android from with Direct Link.

Your weather is magic! Harvest, collect and globally share magic gems made from your real, live weather conditions. Save a mysterious world from imminent destruction. Only you can return it to its former glory. Discover insanely cute creatures, amazing stone buildings and magic portals to other worlds. Sky Keepers is a new type of game unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, unlocking the hidden power of real time local weather and global environment data. Come explore the mystery and discover the hidden connections.
Search for Hidden Treasure

Grow the population of the world and send your Quarks on the hunt for treasure
Increase the size of your community and improve your ability find the lost pieces of their story.

Bring Your Weather to Life

When it rains in your world it rains in ours!
Day and night based on your real location, each with its own gameplay!
Harvest your real, live weather in the form of weather gems.
Master your real weather to collect gems from magical trees and flowers
Connect to other players in the real world and share their gems.
Use gems to build shelters, weather beacons and more!
Level up your beacons and to purchase decorations and embellishments for your community.

Build a Magical World

A beautiful world and deep story combine to envelop you in a completely immersive experience.
Summon curious and adorable creatures and create unique shelters for them.
Create colorful tribes and organize them by their special weather skills.

Reveal the Story of Sky Keepers

Players are rewarded with the panels of the original, graphic novel of the Quarks and their world. The more they search and build, the more we learn about the history of their world. Play often to improve your ability to find the lost pieces of the story

Features of Sky Keepers - Weather is Magic (Unreleased) v0.0.12

•  Bring weather to life in a game world in real time
•  Uncover all the stories of Sky Keepers, one memory at a time.
•  The world you experience is completely unique to you
•  Accessorize, decorate and arrange the community any way you like
•  Every structure is unique and can be placed anywhere
•  Every tree, plant, and shelter is unique
•  Tons of characters, shelters, decorations and treasures to collect
•  New stuff added all the time
•  Experience a graphic novel come to life
•  Original artwork from featured guest artists
•  Connect to other players and reap the benefits of their success

WHAT'S NEW in Sky Keepers - Weather is Magic (Unreleased) v0.0.12

Huge thanks for everyone’s feedback on our last release! Please, please keep it coming. The game has evolved massively in this new release.

  Sky Keepers - Weather is Magic (Unreleased)- screenshot   Sky Keepers - Weather is Magic (Unreleased)- screenshot

  Sky Keepers - Weather is Magic (Unreleased)- screenshot

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