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Sniper Robots v1.1 Mod

Sniper Robots v1.1 Mod
Sniper Robots v1.1 Mod
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Sniper Robots v1.1 Mod

Sniper Robots is an Action Games for Android. Download latest version of Sniper Robots v1.1 Mod Apk + Mod Full for android from with Direct Link.

This is the era when the robot technology has reached to a highly advanced level. Intelligent robots have been developed to serve humans. But there is an evil team of hybrid scientists (half humans and half robots) who are trying to gain control of everything around. They have programmed robots to attack and abduct civilian in the city. This collaboration of hybrids and robots can be very dangerous!!!

You as a sniper is charged with the duty from intelligence to save the innocent people from this cruelty.
It’s time to take the risk and show off your super sniping skills. Get ready to clear the city from all sorts of robots. Target and destroy the strong robotic cars and air crafts in this amazing 3D shooting game. Remember the robots are strong and its isn’t easy to get rid of them.

Step into a thrilling world of robots and hybrids and save the city from the evil robot enemies.Aim perfectly, Shoot effectively, and Go for the head shots!! Use slow motion feature to slow down the running enemies. Use the sticky bomb to explode robots. Don’t let your rivals escape! Gear up your rifle and target the merciless enemies as a professional hunter!!

Features of Sniper Robots v1.1 Mod:
Challenging Shooting Missions!
Incredible 3D Graphics and Sound Effects!
Purchase Strong Rifles from Store!
Superb Animations!
Destroy Robots and Hybrids!

WHAT'S NEW in Sniper Robots v1.1 Mod

Improvements and fixes.

  Sniper Robots- screenshot

  Sniper Robots- screenshot

  Sniper Robots- screenshot

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