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Rage War: Time Battles v1.53

Rage War: Time Battles v1.53
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Rage War: Time Battles v1.53

Rage War: Time Battles is an Strategy Games for Android. Download latest version of Rage War: Time Battles v1.53 Apk + Mod Full for android from APKEra.com

You know you are! And we need you in the ultimate strategy game that transcends through time – Rage War!
What makes Rage War a unique strategy game is not just the stunning graphics, real-time battles or PvP strategy wars, it’s much more than that!
In the incredible world of Rage War you will be able to explore ancient kingdoms, discover lost civilizations and rewrite history under your conditions.
Your mission is to go back in time, establish a powerful army, evolve a mighty kingdom and discover the lost parts of the Time Machine.

In your epic journey, you will be facing barbarous enemies and savage armies that will put to the test even a skilled warrior such as yourself, but it all doesn't end here! Beware of all other players that will try to conquer your kingdom in unique real-time PvP battles.
But don’t worry because you won’t be on your own. You can always count on the help of your friends! Join forces with your friends and fellow warriors into mighty alliances and kingdoms to defeat all enemy forces and their armies!

Master your style and earn rewards by completing missions and quests.
Get on your airship and start a campaign to conquer distant lands inhabited by ferocious barbarians.
Build strong economy and gather valuable resources by optimizing the buildings in your kingdom. Discover new sciences in a vast science tree which will give you better buildings, units and upgrades. Expand your kingdom from a tiny village into mighty empire through real-time battles.
Gather all pieces of the Time Machine by engaging in epic strategy battles.
Play with friends and unite forces in mighty alliances and kingdoms.
Craft the best possible strategy to defeat players from all around the world.

There's not much time left! You must activate the Time Machine NOW! Join us into this epic journey - DOWNLOAD RAGE WAR NOW!!!


We hope you enjoy Rage War at the beach or in the cozy comfortable position on your couch under the air conditioner. Either way, our new version is on its way. You can now help your kingdom mates from Social circle to finish their time paradoxes without visiting their village. Also, you now have quick access to your discovery points inventory, while in Science menu, just click on the plus icon.
Few bugs are fixed and some optimizations were made in order to give you a better experience.

Rage War: Time Battles v1.53

Rage War: Time Battles v1.53

Rage War: Time Battles v1.53

-: Game Info :-
Name : Rage War: Time Battles
Category : strategy
Size : 82MB
Version : 1.53
File Format : Apk
On/Off : Online/Offline
Requires Android : 4.1 & Up

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