Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Brave Tale v2.0.2 Mod

Brave Tale v2.0.2 Mod
Brave Tale v2.0.2 Mod A RPG mobile game designed for you. 【Japanese Brave character for you】
Can’t wait for 《Brave Tale》 in 2017 to start a 3D ARPG fantasy adventure.

Brave Tale v2.0.2 Mod is an Role Playing Game for Android. Download latest version of Brave Tale v2.0.2 Mod for android from

The story is about braves of the kingdom fight the dark force and defeats the dark devil to save the world, and reconstruct their home afterward.

【Cute pets fallow your order】
Hundreds of pets and rides to grow and collect—who’s the best care of magical creatures.

Bring cute to PVP and GVG—Only killed 5 in a row? You’re not brave enough!

Raid in cute instance—this is soooooo beautiful! More Easter Eggs in the game!

【Do everything for you】
--New auto mobs hunting system. The easiest RPG.
We designed whole new auto mobs hunting system for girls. The only thing to do is giving orders for pets to use skills on emergency.

--Master…Please take me with you to the battle, Please, Please, Please~
Raise cute pets, and ride on cool rides. Team up with powerful members by opening chests and collecting gems. Supports, damage dealings…all as you wish. Cool rides all by your choices.

--Real-time group battle. Too cute to defeat!
Knights’ battle as know as country battle. Everyone will be divide into three parties by system. Protect you own gem to destination to gain reward! It’s a mess out of the safe zone. To survive in the exciting Brave Tale GVG mode, it’s all count on your control!

--Numerous fashion items, are we on the RUNWAY?
Who says you can’t be fashion while playing game? Gorgeous wings and fashion accessories, you are the next runway model. These fashion items in Brave Tale are not only good looking but also give you buff. Wear them to hunt mobs!

--Fight together, don’t mess with me, I’m never alone
Don’t worry being along while raiding instance. Special team up mode in 《Brave Tale》 makes you find your teammate easily. Team instances loot more luxury gears and rewards. Come and team up!

Mod Info -
  • – x5 Damage.
  • – x5 Def.
  • – Menu on/off.
Brave Tale v2.0.2 Mod

Brave Tale v2.0.2 Mod

Brave Tale v2.0.2 Mod

-: Game Info :-
Name : Brave Tale
Category : role playing
Size : 328mb
Version : 2.0.2
File Format : Apk+Obb
Requires : 4.3 & Up

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