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Trivia Crack Heroes v0.14.1 Mod

Trivia Crack Heroes v0.14.1 Mod
Trivia Crack Heroes v0.14.1 Mod The characters of Trivia Crack have entered a new and mysterious world and have become Heroes. Choose your favorite character as your avatar and compete in real time against players from all over the world. There are many highly trained Champions up for the fight… don’t judge them by their appearance! 

Trivia Crack Heroes v0.14.1 Mod is an Strategy Game for Android. Download latest version of Trivia Crack Heroes v0.14.1 Mod for android from

Put a team of your favorite Champions together. Send them to the field to destroy your opponent’s Energy Shield, get the medal and fly to infinity and beyond. With every new accomplishment you will unlock new Champions to collect, and of course bragging rights. Happiness achieved!

Knowledge is your secret weapon! Answer the questions correctly to get energy so you can place your Champions in the field faster. Come up with your own game strategy and play faster than your opponent, only the smartest will win!

Heroes are made, not born. Hit the field with your favourite Champions and play in real time to snatch the medal. Everyone is epic… in their own way.

They will get on the field and follow the instructions of your expert finger. They are the ones that were left out of every encyclopedia and manual. There are no statues in their honor or streets named after them and they face each other rather unconventionally. Their favorite learning method is taking things apart, and it works!
Find Brenda, our big viking! While her people were busy expanding their territory, she was discovering that ham on toast was delicious.
Are you a football fan? Tackle Tom is your guy! He is the proud holder of unforgettable records such as "season's best mustache".
Train them to help them level up, they're eager to be better! That’s the spirit!

** Compete against other players in real time.
** Choose your Champions and guide them in the Stadium.
** Collect all of them out and put your ideal team together.
** Level them up to perfection.
** Win to unlock new Champions and gain access to a better League.

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WHAT'S NEW in Trivia Crack Heroes v0.14.1 Mod

We've improved the tutorial to give you a more heroic welcome
Graphic improvements: we look even prettier, how is that even possible?
You can now choose what language to play in, no more excuses!
Bug fixes: we're perfect now... Well, almost.

Mod Info -
  • Infinite Coins (Increase)
  • Infinite Elixir (Gain Max For Correct Answer)
  • Always Correct Answer Even Is Incorrect
Trivia Crack Heroes v0.14.1 Mod

Trivia Crack Heroes v0.14.1 Mod

Trivia Crack Heroes v0.14.1 Mod

-: Game Info :-
Name : Trivia Crack Heroes
Category : strategy
Size : 96.18mb
Version : 0.14.1
File Format : Apk
Requires : 4.0.3 & Up

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