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Goblin’s Shop v1.0.8 Mod

Goblin’s Shop v1.0.8 Mod

is an Simulation Game for Android. Download latest version of Goblin’s Shop v1.0.8 Mod for android from● Introduction
This is a pixel-art simulation game in which the player runs a shop, together with RPG adventures.

In Goblin’s Shop, the player is a goblin who has been bullied by humans and he always wants to get it even. Unfortunately, however, Mr. Goblin realizes that he is too weak to beat any human soldier. Then the idea of opening a shop occurred to him, so he decided to sell weapons, armors and potions to other monsters. To take revenge against humans, he puts together an adventure team with other monsters.

In the game, the player has to undertake adventures with his customers constantly, to acquire better crafting materials. During any adventure, the player might face fiery counterattack from human soldiers, so it is imperative to craft better equipment for customers, and then the customers can kill humans more efficiently. The ultimate goal is to attack humans’ castle and gain victory in the end.

● Features:
- More than 100 items for crafting
- Shop facilities with unique functions are accessible to set up
- Various monsters are available for the player to adventure with
- Skill tree for the player and random talent systems of the monsters
- Random events and adventure quests
- 44 territories for adventure

WHAT'S NEW in Goblin’s Shop v1.0.8 Mod

《New Features》
- Add server backup/load game records mechanism
- The beaten human boss will show up in the "attack human village" mission randomly now
- Monster will speak something when he can't move to certain position
- Increase the materials and cost of upgrading an item
- Increase the appearance chance of chest slightly
- It will popup message when player click the crystal ball and the video AD is not ready
- Adjust the effect of batter skill slightly
- Fix couple of bugs

Mod Info -
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Goblin’s Shop v1.0.8 Mod

Goblin’s Shop v1.0.8 Mod

Goblin’s Shop v1.0.8 Mod

-: Game Info :-
Name : Goblin’s Shop
Category : simulation
Size : 42mb
Version : 1.0.8
File Format : Apk
Requires : 4.0.3 & Up

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