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Star Wars™: Commander v4.13.0.9941 Mod

Star Wars™: Commander v4.13.0.9941 Mod

Star Wars™: Commander v4.13.0.9941 Mod

is an Action Game for Android. Download latest version of Star Wars™: Commander v4.13.0.9941 Mod for android from

Fight for Your Side. Command The Galaxy.

The Galactic War rages on. Where does your allegiance lie? Will you side with the Rebellion or the Empire? Join the fight, build your base, recruit and train your army, strategically plan your defenses, and lead your troops to victory on war-torn worlds throughout the galaxy!

Battle with or against iconic characters like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia, and utilize or destroy units like AT-ATs, Speeder Bikes, Wookiee Warriors, and Stormtroopers. Join millions around the globe to play in this epic combat strategy game. Commander, the fate of the galaxy is in your hands!


• CHOOSE to fight for the Rebellion or the Empire
• TRAIN your troops to charge into battle
• BUILD units and vehicles with multiple upgrades
• DEFEND your base against enemy forces
• COMPLETE original story missions and gain additional rewards
• LEVEL UP your heroes, troops, vehicles, and more
• BATTLE on different worlds within the Star Wars™ universe
• TEAM UP WITH FRIENDS and allies to form the ultimate squad

Upgrade your Planetary Command building to scout and relocate your base to new worlds such as Dandoran, Yavin 4, Er’Kit and Hoth to expand your command and strengthen your squad.

Star Wars: Commander requires Android OS 4.0 or above and supports both tablets and phones.

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains:
• Social media links to connect with others
• In-app purchases that cost real money, push notifications to let you know when we have exciting updates like new content
• Advertising for some third parties, including the option to watch ads for rewards
• Advertising for The Walt Disney Family of Companies

We respect your wishes regarding your Privacy. You can exercise control and choice by resetting your Advertising Identifier in your device’s Privacy Settings. This app allows access to your Google Play Account. You can upload and save content from this app to your device.

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WHAT'S NEW in Star Wars™: Commander v4.13.0.9941 Mod

Deploy the Millennium Falcon and more! Starship pilots join with new abilities, summoning airstrike attacks while battling alongside your troops.
New Naval Units
• Imperial and Alliance starfighter pilots will summon starship attacks.
New Naval Assault Equipment
• Chewbacca battles with air support from the Millennium Falcon!
• The Naval Officer will command turbolasers from Star Destroyers.
• Rodian Recon Sniper and Sullustan Recon Sharpshooter equipment call down starfighter bombing runs.

Mod Info -
  • 1. God Mode
  • 2. One Hit
  • 3. Health x10
  • 4. Damage x10
  • 5. Attack Range x100
  • 6. Move Speed x2

-: Game Info :-
Name : Star Wars
Category : Action
Size : 47mb
Version :
File Format : Apk
Requires : 4.0 & Up

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