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Star Wars: The Invasion v4.13.0.9941

Star Wars: The Invasion v4.13.0.9941

Star Wars: The Invasion v4.13.0.9941

is an Strategy Game for Android. Download latest version of Star Wars: The Invasion v4.13.0.9941 for android from ApkEra.com

It's time to choose the side and forever conquer the galaxy.

The galactic war is in full swing. The Empire is gaining power, absorbing entire worlds and destroying planets. It is opposed by independent insurgents and their allies. Now the outcome of this war depends on you. Which side do you choose?

Join the war and wipe the enemies into space dust. You will lead the army and lead your troops to victory across the entire galaxy. Capture and defend new territories, train your own invincible army. Together with you or against you in the battle involved the legendary heroes - Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia and many others. On each side you will have your allies and enemies: Wookiee warriors, AT-ATs, speedbikes, Imperial stormtroopers and the rest of the Galaxy's inhabitants.

Together with millions of players around the globe participate in the legendary battles. The fate of the galaxy is in your hands!


• CHOOSE the side: the unified rebels or the merciless Empire
• TRAIN the space units and throw them into battle
• EXPLAIN the limitless possibilities of the game, improving your troops and military equipment
• PROTECT your base from the enemies
• COMPLETE tasks in the world of the cult cosmic saga and receive additional rewards
• BATTLE in different worlds of the Star Wars universe
• COME WITH FRIENDS and allies to create an unbeatable alliance and defeat the opponents

Upgrade your Space Operations Center and explore new planets. Expand your influence in the galaxy and transfer your base to other planets, including Dandoran, Yavin-4, Er'kit and Khot.

To launch the game "Star Wars." Invasion "" requires the version of Android OS 4.0 or higher. The application runs on both smartphones and tablets.

Attention! The application can use social networks to establish contacts with other people, contain paid content, advertise the group of companies The Walt Disney Company and third parties, and send notifications of available updates.

This application has access to your Google Play account. You can download and save the materials of this application on your device.

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WHAT'S NEW in Star Wars: The Invasion v4.13.0.9941

Call on the Falcon of the Millennium and other starships! The fight comes pilots: foot soldiers, causing air strikes.
New squads of cosmoflot
• Pilots of the Empire and the Alliance cause air strikes.
New equipment of cosmoflot
• Chewbacca causes fire support for the Falcon of the Millennium!
• The officer of the fleet causes the fire of the "Star Destroyer" turbolaser installation.
• The equipment "Rodian scout" and "Sallastan scout" causes the LED fighter jets and fighters of the "Y" type.

Star Wars: The Invasion v4.13.0.9941

Star Wars: The Invasion v4.13.0.9941

Star Wars: The Invasion v4.13.0.9941

-: Game Info :-
Name : Star Wars
Category : strategy
Size : 47mb
Version :
File Format : Apk
Requires : 4.2 & Up

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